The Philosophy of Free Will

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书    名
The Philosophy of Free Will
又    名
 Essential Readings from the Contemporary Debates
作    者
Paul Russell / Oisin Deery
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The Philosophy of Free Will基本信息

副标题: Essential Readings from the Contemporary Debates
作者: Paul Russell / Oisin Deery
出版社: Oxford University Press
出版年: 2012-12
页数: 560
定价: USD 39.95
装帧: Paperback

The Philosophy of Free Will内容简介

The problem of free will is one of the great perennial issues of philosophy and has been discussed and debated over many centuries. The issues that arise in this sphere cover both metaphysics and morals and concern matters of central importance not only for philosophy but also for law, theology, psychology and the social sciences. [1] 
What is at stake here is nothing less than our self-image as responsible moral agents who are in control of our own destiny and fate. The investigations and findings of modern science are judged by many to put skeptical pressure on this self-image and may challenge its credibility. During the past few decades the free will controversy has developed and evolved in exciting and significant ways. [1] 
All the major parties involved in this debate have had to revise and amend their core positions with a view to responding to the sophisticated and searching arguments put forward by their critics and opponents.[1]  (原文)